Alexander Grosser

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The automated material handling system (AMHS) may become a critical factor that constrains the capacity of 12-wafer-lot systems. In this paper, AMHS productivity detractors affecting small lot manufacturing are studied, including the track layout, number of vehicles, empty vehicle management rules, number of stockers, stocker capacity, among others. Linked(More)
Models of drug delivery devices that employ erodible permeable coatings must take care to avoid the unacceptably high rate of release that arises as the erodible coating disappears and the barrier to drug release vanishes. One solution to this safety problem has been to exhaust the drug reservoir just before this condition occurs. This design has the(More)
A model of a controlled-release drug delivery system was proposed and tested by mathematical simulation. The model consisted of a cylindrical drug reservoir coated with a permeable and erodible material. The release rate is relatively constant because, while the drug concentration is diminishing, the barrier is eroding. These factors may be balanced(More)
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