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Facial expressions play a major role in psychiatric diagnosis, monitoring and treatment adjustment. We recorded 34 schizophrenia patients and matched controls during a clinical interview, and extracted the activity level of 23 facial Action Units (AUs), using 3D structured light cameras and dedicated software. By defining dynamic and intensity AUs(More)
One of the prominent clinical manifestations of schizophrenia is flat or altered facial activity, and flattening of emotional expressiveness (Flat Affect). In this study we used a structured-light depth camera and dedicated software to automatically measure the facial activity of schizophrenia patients and healthy individuals during a short structured(More)
Incongruity between emotional experience and its outwardly expression is one of the prominent symptoms in schizophrenia. Though widely reported and used in clinical evaluation, this symptom is inadequately defined in the literature and may be confused with mere affect flattening. In this study we used structured-light depth camera and dedicated software to(More)
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