Alexander Grib

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We investigated numerically IV-characteristics of the wide Josephson junction. Parameters of the junction were close to parameters of intrinsic junctions in high-temperature superconductors. We found zero-field steps in the IV-characteristic. These steps correspond to frequencies of even modes of geometrical resonances in the junction. Maxima of coherent(More)
We developed a numerical model that described the dynamics of many long layered intrinsic Josephson junctions with normal edges. The IV characteristics of stacks containing two and three layers were calculated. We found that collective dynamics of junctions leads to the appearance of zero-field steps in the IV curves. We showed that due to the mutual(More)
A comparative analysis of treatment with keppra and topamax of various types of epilepsy has been carried out in 37 patients aged from 1 to 35 years. Symptomatic temporal-frontal-lobe epilepsy was diagnosed in 22 patients, symptomatic temporal lobe epilepsy in 15 including "urgent aid" cases with previous antiepileptic therapy being ineffective. Effect of(More)
In order to study the origin of coherent emission of intrinsic junctions in high-temperature superconductors, we investigated numerically ac power of emission at zero-field steps in IV-characteristics of a stack of two inductively coupled long Josephson junctions as well as emission from the solitary long junction. We found that zero-field steps appeared(More)
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