Alexander Gofen

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To overcome the inconvenience and imprecision of conventional software performing microperimetry with the scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) in clinical settings, we developed a "smart microperimetry" program. It takes advantage of modern computer technology, especially processing speed and high rate of data transfer. It allows continuous on-line(More)
As the use of computers for delivering stimuli in vision research has become ubiquitous, there is an obvious need for accurate timing of display monitors without the use of expensive hardware extensions. If a user should decide to program an application in the increasingly common 'Windows' operating system for IBM PCs and compatibles, a software solution(More)
The evolution of Pascal to Delphi, the powerful and elegant features of that language and RAD environment are discussed. Yet the evolution was not smooth, some inconsistencies and glitches built up. So the next version of the language named Object Pascal 2000 is suggested. It eliminates the inconsistencies, improves the language and sets the fundamentals(More)
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