Alexander Godunov

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Recent development in Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) has enabled a new possibility for highly efficient parallel computing in science and engineering. Their massively parallel architecture makes GPUs very effective for algorithms where processing of large blocks of data can be executed in parallel. Multidimensional integration has important applications(More)
The planned construction of an X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) will provide new opportunities for research in various areas of physics, chemistry and biology. The proposed design of the XFELs at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) and SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) is built on the concept of a fourth-generation synchrotron source and will(More)
We present a memory-efficient algorithm and its implementation for solving multidimensional numerical integration on a cluster of compute nodes with multiple GPU devices per node. The effective use of shared memory is important for improving the performance on GPUs, because of the bandwidth limitation of the global memory. The best known sequential(More)
Cross sections for ionization with excitation and for double excitation in helium are evaluated in a full second Born calculation. These full second Born calculations are compared to calculations in the independent electron approximation, where spatial correlation between the electrons is removed. Comparison is also made to calculations in the independent(More)
Time ordering of interactions in dynamic quantum multi-electron systems provides a constraint that interconnects the time evolution of different electrons. In energy space, time ordering appears as the principal value contribution from the Green function,which corresponds to the asymptotic condition that specifies whether the system has outgoing (or(More)
We show that time correlation between electrons requires that the Dyson time ordering operator, T, differs from its uncorrelated value and spatial electron-electron correlation be present. In this paper we decompose T into an uncorrelated term, Tunc, plus a correlated term, Tcor = T — Tunc, which leads to time correlation in time dependent external(More)
The effects of electron correlation and second-order terms on theoretical total cross sections of transfer ionization in collisions of the helium atom with fast H+, He2+ and Li3+ ions are studied and reported. The total cross sections are calculated using highly correlated wavefunctions with expansion of the transition amplitude in the Born series through(More)