Alexander Gocht

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The demand for a software system which supports and give help to ad-ministrate and to calculate different options for a real farm increased in past. This article introduces a decision support software for agricultural enterprises. In the first part of the paper the underlying general structure of the program is presented. In the reminder of the paper the(More)
The FADN (farm accountancy data network) provides farm accountancy data to determine and analyse income of agricultural holdings. The underlying data base has to be prepared for properly assessing the impacts of EU policy changes and market developments on agricultural income. This article presents the FADN data mining tool that reads and converts the given(More)
The Farm Group Model (FARMIS) is a comparative-static process-analytical model and part of the FAL system of models, which combines several market, regional and farm models for comprehensive policy impact analysis. The main data source of FARMIS is the national or the European FADN 1 .This paper demonstrates, how the Data Management System for FADN Data in(More)
This paper explores the reliability of Data Envelope Analysis (DEA) within Agriculture. Particular interest is directed towards the impacts of using constant (CRS) or variable returns to scale (VRS) along with choices regarding data aggregation using a data set of Slovenian farms. Statistical inference is implemented by using the smoothed homogenous(More)
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