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The main objective of the research was to analyse the cognitive expertise of volleyball players, according to their level of practice and age, as well as to verify the existing difference in the knowledge of individuals of the same age but with different levels of practice. The study sample was comprised of 535 individuals ages 12 to 16 years. The(More)
The main goal of this research was to analyze the relationship between the amount of practice accumulated in training and the level of cognitive expertise achieved by volleyball players who are still in training. Another goal was to determine the number of training hours per week needed to improve knowledge significantly. The study's sample was composed of(More)
The importance within sport expertise of cognitive factors has been emphasised in many research studies. Adaptations that take place in athletes' long-term memories are going to condition their decision-making and performance, and training programmes must be developed that improve these adaptations. In our study, we provide a tactical-cognitive training(More)
This work evaluates the relationship between quantity and level of competition, and cognitive expertise. To this end, cognitive expertise has been evaluated in Spanish tennis players (N=150) by means of declarative knowledge (DK) and procedural knowledge (PK) levels. DK and PK were assessed through a specific questionnaire (DK/PK-QT; García-González,(More)
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