Alexander Giesler

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Recent developments in the domain of Human Computer Interaction have suggested to combine stereoscopic visualization with touch interaction. Although this combination has the potential to provide more intuitive and natural interaction setups for a wide range of applications, until now interaction with such systems is mainly constrained to simple navigation,(More)
While touch technology has proven its usability for 2D interaction and has already become a standard input modality for many devices, the challenges to exploit its applicability with stereoscopically rendered content have barely been studied. In this paper we exploit the properties of the visual perception to allow users to touch stereoscopically displayed(More)
In this paper we present the Void Shadows interaction - a novel stereoscopic 3D interaction paradigm in which each virtual object casts a shadow on a touch-enabled display surface. The user can conveniently interact with such a shadow, and her actions are transferred to the associated object. Since all interactive tasks are carried out on the zero-parallax(More)
Traditionally, interaction techniques for virtual reality applications are implemented in a proprietary way on specific target platforms, e. g., requiring specific hardware, physics or rendering libraries, which hinders reusability and portability. Even though abstraction layers for hardware devices are provided by numerous virtual reality libraries, they(More)
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