Alexander Germeau

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We have studied the optical transitions in artificial atoms consisting of one to ten electrons occupying the conduction levels in ZnO nanocrystals. We analyzed near IR absorption spectra of assemblies of weakly coupled ZnO nanocrystals for a gradually increasing electron number and found four allowed dipole transitions with oscillator strengths in(More)
We have studied the storage and long-range transport of electrons in a porous assembly of weakly coupled ZnO quantum dots permeated with an aqueous and a propylene carbonate electrolyte solution. The number of electrons per ZnO quantum dot is controlled by the electrochemical potential of the assembly; the charge of the electrons is compensated by ions(More)
The authors describe a simple technique for opacification selectively of the external saphenous venous system. The principal features of the test are: direct puncture of the external saphenous system, and dynamic study of the Xray image. Selective phlebography of the external saphenous facilitates the choice between sclerosant and surgical treatment as well(More)
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