Alexander Gerhart

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Two commonly-used methods of weaning individuals with quadriplegia from mechanical ventilators were compared. The medical records were reviewed of 52 patients who were injured at the C3 or C4 levels, were ventilator dependent following their injury, and were treated at the participating facilities. The study subjects had a total of 82 separate wean(More)
It is understandable that sponsors of research activities are interested in assessing the work of scholars they (plan to) support although this is not a simple undertaking. Until today, there is no obvious approach for objectively measuring and comparing the quality of research results from different disciplines. Hence, counting publications has been used(More)
2. Die Wiederherstellung normaler Trolohik und Schmerzlosigkeit (32 F~,lle) sowie eine Besserung ira ~Sntgenbild konnte friihestens nach 3--5 Monaten beobachtet werden. 3. Die Besserung der Gelenkbeweglichkeit war naeh Absetzen des ][-Iydergins in 20 Fallen erzie]t worden. 4. Die v511ige Wiederherstellung des l%Sntgenbildes konnte 3 Monate nach Absetzen des(More)
INTRODUCTION Management of pediatric fever is controversial. Although many nursing texts advocate aggressive fever management, research provides evidence that fever is a normal physiologic process with beneficial effects. We sought to describe emergency nurses' pediatric fever management practices, their rationales for practice, and their practice(More)