Alexander Gavrilyuk

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In this paper, we report on the hydrogen photochromism in Nb2O5 powders with different structures. Four different powder phases were prepared by calcining Nb2O5·nH2O powders at various temperatures, and their morphology, structure, and electronic band structure were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, structural analyses, thermogravimetric(More)
Production of atomic photochemical hydrogen under the action of light and its subsequent injection into transition metal oxides has yielded numerous interesting results. Here we report on the mechanism of the photo-induced hydrogen transfer between adsorbed organic molecules and the surface of highly disordered V(2)O(5) films. We have managed to carry out(More)
Significant suppression of resonant properties of single gold nanoparticles at the surface plasmon frequency during heating and subsequent transition to the liquid state has been demonstrated experimentally and explained for the first time. The results for plasmonic absorption of the nanoparticles have been analyzed by means of Mie theory using experimental(More)
For the first time, a crystalline-amorphous double-layered NiOx film has been prepared by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering. This film has exhibited improved electrochemical cycling durability, whereas other electrochromic parameters have been maintained at the required level, namely, a short coloration/bleaching time (0.8 s/1.1 s) and an(More)
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