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What is the meaning associated with a single action potential in a neural spike train? The answer depends on the way the question is formulated. One general approach toward formulating this question involves estimating the average stimulus waveform preceding spikes in a spike train. Many different algorithms have been used to obtain such estimates, ranging(More)
Some myopathies are accompanied by abnormal calcium homeostasis. Electromyography (EMG) in such patients shows signs of normal or myopathic EMG when detected by a single-fiber electrode and abnormally increased values in macro EMG. As calcium accumulation might be accompanied by changes in intracellular action potential (IAP) and muscle-fiber propagation(More)
Information Theory started and, according to some, ended with Shannon's seminal paper " A Mathematical Theory of Communication " (Shannon 1948). Because its significance and flexibility were quickly recognized, there were numerous attempts to apply it to diverse fields outside of its original scope. This prompted Shannon to write his famous essay " The(More)
Generally the anatomy of muscles is rather complex, and the fibres have various inclination angles within the muscles. We suggest a fast and reliable way to calculate extracellular potentials produced at a point or rectangular plate electrode by a muscle fibre of finite length with an arbitrary inclination. A muscle fibre was considered to be a linear(More)
Stimulus selectivity of sensory systems is often characterized by analyzing response-conditioned stimulus ensembles. However, in many cases these response-triggered stimulus sets have structure that is more complex than assumed. If not taken into account, when present it will bias the estimates of many simple statistics, and distort the estimated stimulus(More)
We discuss an analytical approach through which the neural symbols and corresponding stimulus space of a neuron or neural ensemble can be discovered simultaneously and quantitatively, making few assumptions about the nature of the code or relevant features. The basis for this approach is to conceptualize a neural coding scheme as a collection of(More)
Simulation of actual muscle potentials is necessary to understand processes that underlie changes in electromyographic signals. The work reported aims to analyse existing methods and suggest new ways of calculating precisely the signals (MUS) detected by a multielectrode from motor units (MUs) consisting of homogeneous or inhomogeneous (functionally and(More)
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