Alexander Gómez

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Until now oligonephropathy to indicate "too few nephrons" has been associated with intrauterine growth restriction and experimentally induced abnormalities of renal development. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is evidence of abnormal postnatal glomerulogenesis in extremely low birth weight preterm infants. Renal autopsy tissue was(More)
Children born with very low birth weight have a decreased nephron number. Low nephron mass is associated with adult hypertension, proteinuria, and diabetes mellitus. The histomorphometry and radial glomerular count (RGC) of a total nephrectomy from a child with renal disease associated with extreme prematurity was compared with the kidney from a full-term(More)
A technique is described and demonstrated to measure the size of spherical particles of known index of refraction by laser light scattering with an accuracy of better than 1%. This technique entails imaging the angular scattering intensity onto a photodiode array and applying a fast Fourier transform to the array output to obtain a frequency and phase(More)
Volume-preserving maps arise from the study of the flow of incompressible fluids or magnetic fields. If a volumepreserving map has a continuous symmetry, such as a rotational symmetry, then it has an invariant and the orbits are confined to surfaces. More generally, the orbits could densely cover regions with nonzero volume. Here we construct maps that have(More)
Non intrusive monitoring of animals in the wild is possible using camera trapping framework, which uses cameras triggered by sensors to take a burst of images of animals in their habitat. However camera trapping framework produces a high volume of data (in the order on thousands or millions of images), which must be analyzed by a human expert. In this work,(More)
We describe new convex valid inequalities for p-order conic mixedinteger optimization, which includes the important second order conic mixedinteger optimization as a special case. The inequalities are based on the polymatroid inequalities over binary variables for the diagonal case. We prove that the proposed inequalities completely describe the convex hull(More)