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We investigate a spectroscopic sample of 48 early-type galaxies in the rich cluster Abell 2390 at z = 0.23 and 48 early-type galaxies from a previously published survey of Abell 2218 at z = 0.18. The spectroscopic data of A 2390 are based on Multi-Object-Spectroscopy with MOSCA at the 3.5-m telescope on Calar Alto Observatory and are complemented by(More)
Visualizing stiffness within the local tissue environment at the cellular and subcellular level promises to provide insight into the genesis and progression of disease. In this Letter, we propose ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence elastography (UHROCE), and demonstrate 3D imaging of local axial strain of tissues undergoing compressive loading. We(More)
Cloud computing has changed how software is produced, distributed, consumed, and priced. The cloud paradigm has had a disruptive effect on existing business models and elicited a need for more thoroughly defined business models as well as the tools to represent and compare business models. In this paper, we address this research gap and present a structured(More)
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