Alexander Frink

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The traditional split-up into a low level language and a high level language in the design of computer algebra systems may become obsolete with the advent of more versatile computer languages. We describe GiNaC, a special-purpose system that deliberately denies the need for such a distinction. It is entirely written in C++ and the user can interact with it(More)
We present an overview of the research activities of the theoretical particle physics group at the University of Mainz on the calculation of massive oneand two-loop Feynman diagrams. The main objective of this research was to develop an automatic oneand two-loop calculation program package. A first version of such a program was recently realized by Brücher,(More)
The Standard-Model Higgs boson with mass MH ≫ 2MZ decays almost exclusively to pairs of W and Z bosons. We calculate the dominant two-loop corrections, of O(GFM 4 H), to the partial widths of these decays. In the on-mass-shell renormalization scheme, the correction factor is found to be 1 + 14.6%(MH/TeV) 2 + 16.9%(MH/TeV) 4, where the second term is the(More)
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