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Compound splitting is an important problem in many NLP applications which must be solved in order to address issues of data sparsity. Previous work has shown that linguistic approaches for German compound splitting produce a correct splitting more often, but corpus-driven approaches work best for phrase-based statistical machine translation from German to(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity is associated with improved health outcomes in many populations. It is assumed that physical activity levels in the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) population may be reduced as a result of symptoms of the disease. The objective of this review is to establish the current evidence base for levels of physical activity in the RA(More)
Recent analyses have shown that significant changes have occurred in patterns of sea ice seasonality in West Antarctica since 1979, with wide-ranging climatic, biological and biogeochemical consequences. Here, we provide the first detailed report on long-term change and variability in annual timings of sea ice advance, retreat and resultant ice season(More)
The overall incidence of neurological manifestations is relatively low among patients with mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD). We recently encountered a case of autoimmune adhesive arachnoiditis in a young woman with 7 years history of MCTD who presented with severe back pain and myeloradiculopathic symptoms of lower limbs. To the best of our knowledge,(More)
Patients suffering from pituitary macroadenomas - pituitary tumors larger than 10mm - often have visual deficits, typically bilateral hemianopsia, because of chiasmal compression. Treatment of macroadenomas is usually successful, and thus such patients provide a unique opportunity for studying neuroplasticity in the human visual system and its consequences(More)
Natural Language Processing (NLP) of historical languages is an understudied area. Much previous work has focused on the problems of normalization and POS tagging. In contrast, we consider a new problem, word sense disambiguation (WSD). We provide a survey of previous work on processing of historical languages and discuss what we can and cannot apply to the(More)
Améliorer la traduction des langages morphologiquement riches While statistical techniques for machine translation have made significant progress in the last 20 years, results for translating to morphologically rich languages are still mixed versus previous generation rule-based systems. Current research in statistical techniques for translating to(More)
1. ABSTRACT This abstracts briefly presents details of techniques for generating thermal infrared and visible composite images from cloud-free portions of MODIS (MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) images closely spaced in time, with a focus on studies of landfast sea ice along the East Antarctic coast. Composite image inclusion criteria are(More)
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