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Identification, functional expression and kinetic analysis of two primary amine oxidases from Rhodococcus opacus
a b s t r a c t Two native copper-containing amine oxidases (EC have been isolated from Rhodococcus opacus and reveal phenotypic plasticity and catalytic activity with respect toExpand
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Genomic organisation, activity and distribution analysis of the microbial putrescine oxidase degradation pathway.
The catalytic action of putrescine specific amine oxidases acting in tandem with 4-aminobutyraldehyde dehydrogenase is explored as a degradative pathway in Rhodococcus opacus. By limiting theExpand
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The repertoire of nitrogen assimilation in Rhodococcus: Catalysis, pathways and relevance in biotechnology and bioremediation
Free to read The Rhodococcus genus exhibits diverse enzymatic activity that can be exploited in the conversion of natural and anthropogenic nitrogenous compounds. This catalytic response providesExpand
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