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The internal model control (IMC) scheme has been widely applied in the field of process control. So far, IMC has been mainly applied to linear processes. This paper discusses the extension of the IMC scheme to nonlinear processes based on local linear models where the properties of linear design procedures can be exploited. The IMC scheme results in(More)
We study the influence of macroscopic chirality on the macroscopic properties of superparamagnetic liquid crystals and gels. Specifically we derive macroscopic dynamic equations for ferrocholesteric low molecular weight (LMW) liquid crystals and for ferrocholesteric gels and elastomers in the local description using the director field as macroscopic(More)
Matroid polytope subdivisions and valuations Many important invariants for matroids and polymatroids are valuations (or are valuative), which is to say they satisfy certain relations imposed by subdivisions of matroid polytopes. These include the Tutte polynomial, the Billera-Jia-Reiner quasi-symmetric function, Derk-sen's invariant G, and (up to change of(More)
Social service organizations have long used data in their efforts to support people in need for the purposes of advocacy, tracking, and intervention. Increasingly, such organizations are joining forces to provide wrap-around services to clients in order to “move the needle” on intractable social problems. Groups using these strategies, called Collective(More)
Reverse micelles currently gain increasing interest in chemical technology. They also become important in biomolecular NMR due to their ability to host biomolecules such as proteins. In the present paper, a procedure for the preparation of high-pressure NMR samples containing reverse micelles dissolved in supercritical xenon is presented. These reverse(More)
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