Alexander Filonenko

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The safety plays the most important role for both pedestrian and driver in autonomous, semi-autonomous or non-autonomous vehicle. To improve pedestrian safety, this paper presents a new type of laser feature extraction methods for crosswalk marking through Laser Measurement System (LMS). The crosswalk detection is achieved in three stages as follows: Lane(More)
This paper describes the smoke detection for static cameras. The background subtraction was used to determine moving objects. Color characteristics were utilized to distinguish smoke regions and other scene members. Separate pixels were united into blobs by morphology operations and connected components labeling methods. The image is then refined by(More)
Over the past few decades, pavement markings have played a key role in intelligent vehicle applications such as guidance, navigation, and control. However, there are still serious issues facing the problem of lane marking detection. For example, problems include excessive processing time and false detection due to similarities in color and edges between(More)
This paper presents a smoke detection approach for surveillance cameras that uses color, shape, and motion characteristics. The fact a camera is immovable simplifies detection task by applying background subtraction. Color analysis emphasizes moving objects that have higher probability to be actual smoke. Due to limited performance of background(More)
This paper presents development of vision-based intelligent surveillance system which covers multiple tasks, such as abandoned object detection, fire and smoke detection, human detection and tracking, sterile zone monitoring, and illegally parked vehicle detection. Our goal is combining all these tasks into integrated system considering not only high(More)
Image-based surveillance systems are widely employed toward safety and security applications in many fields. Cameras, that are connected over an IP network for monitoring public areas, can produce large quantities of video footage. It is tedious for humans to simultaneously observe every type of event on several cameras. Thus, it is necessary to build a(More)
As one of the traffic monitoring tasks, detecting an illegally parked vehicle aims to prevent car crashing between parked and other vehicles. However, developing such a task becomes more complex due to weather conditions, occlusion, illumination changing, and other factors. This work addresses a framework to detect an illegally parked vehicle using a(More)
This paper proposes probabilistic foreground detector based on Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) for sterile zone monitoring at night time. The foreground object may exhibit camouflage effect due to the thermal camera. GMM is prone to camouflage effect. The proposed system consists of three modules namely pre-processing, foreground detection, and post(More)
In the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), an electronic road sign (ERS) is an important device for giving a real-time traffic-related information. The ERSs generally display dynamic text information that each character consists of matrix of a light-emitting diodes lamp, named LED text. This paper addresses an LED text detection and(More)