Alexander F Küffer

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Ablation of the cellular prion protein PrP(C) leads to a chronic demyelinating polyneuropathy affecting Schwann cells. Neuron-restricted expression of PrP(C) prevents the disease, suggesting that PrP(C) acts in trans through an unidentified Schwann cell receptor. Here we show that the cAMP concentration in sciatic nerves from PrP(C)-deficient mice is(More)
Although the placement of dental and orthopedic implants is now generally a safe, reliable and successful undertaking, the functional outcome is less assured in patients whose bone-healing capacity is compromised. To enhance peri-implant osteogenesis in these individuals, BMP-2 could be locally administered. However, neither a free suspension nor an(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study we sought to evaluate the reproducibility of sensory nerve conduction studies (NCS) using ultrasound-guided needle positioning (USNP). METHODS Orthodromic NCS of the sural nerve using needle electrodes with USNP as well as surface electrodes were conducted twice in 20 healthy volunteers. RESULTS The mean sensory nerve action(More)
Faster trains require tilting of the cars to counterbalance the centrifugal forces during curves. Motion sensitive passengers, however, complain of discomfort and overt motion sickness. A recent study comparing different control systems in a tilting train, suggested that the delay of car tilts relative to the curve of the track contributes to motion(More)
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