Alexander Eremeev

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Studies of the motor abilities and the factors affecting them are necessary for assessing the individual motor organization and optimizing training procedures. The results of this work revealed a certain relationship between characteristics of the electrical activity of muscles, the asymmetry of autonomic characteristics, and the profile of lateral(More)
IJ ITA is official publisher of the scientific papers of the members of the Association of Developers and Users of Intellectualized Systems (ADUIS). IJ ITA welcomes scientific papers connected with any information theory or its application. IJ ITA rules for preparing the manuscripts are compulsory. The rules for the papers for IJ ITA as well as the(More)
The method of case-based reasoning for a solution of problems of real-time diagnostics and forecasting in intelligent decision support systems (IDSS) is considered. Special attention is drawn to case library structure for real-time IDSS (RT IDSS) and algorithm of k-nearest neighbors type. This work was supported by RFBR. ACM Classification Keywords: H.4.2(More)
Development of methods and tools for modeling human reasoning (common sense reasoning) by analogy in intelligent decision support systems is considered. Special attention is drawn to modeling reasoning by structural analogy taking the context into account. The possibility of estimating the obtained analogies taking into account the context is studied.(More)
The change of reflex motoneuron excitability of sacral spinal cord segments was investigated by method of monosynaptic testing in acute experiments on spinal dogs. The H- and M-responses of square plantar muscle were recorded. The presence of H1- and H2-components of monosynaptic nature was revealed in this muscle. Chemical irritation of abdominal viscera(More)
The effect of endolumbar dimephosphon perfusion in dogs with spinal cord contusion was studied by means of transcranial magnetic stimulation and stimulation electromyography. Treatment with dimephosphon contributed to preservation of conduction function of the spinal cord and decrease in excitability of spinal motoneurons in the perifocal zone.
Effects of unilateral damage of the rat sciatic nerve on the spinal motor centre of contralateral gastrocnemius muscle were investigated. The state of contralateral gastrocnemius muscle centre was assessed using the method of paired monosynaptic testings and posttetanic potentiation of reflex response on days 1, 5 and 10 after nerve damage. The obtained(More)
The effects of unilateral crushing of the sciatic nerve on the spinal motor center of the contralateral gastrocnemius muscle were studied in rats. At 1, 5, and 10 days after nerve injury, the state of the center of the contralateral gastrocnemius muscle was assessed by paired-pulse monosynaptic testing and evaluation of the post-tetanic potentiation of its(More)