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A Bayesian network approach for population synthesis
Abstract Agent-based micro-simulation models require a complete list of agents with detailed demographic/socioeconomic information for the purpose of behavior modeling and simulation. This paperExpand
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Activity identification and primary location modelling based on smart card payment data for public transport
The introduction of electronic payment systems for public transport in many cities all over the world enabled collection of detailed and comprehensive data records of public transport journeys.Expand
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Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for Swiss Road Network
This paper presents a new approach for calculating transport-related failure consequences of link failures, including congestion effects on a networkwide scale. Expand
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Visualizing Mobility of Public Transportation System
This work aims to visualize and explore passenger mobility in a PTS with a family of analytical tasks based on inputs from transportation researchers. Expand
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Demand-driven timetable design for metro services
Abstract Timetable design is crucial to the metro service reliability. A straightforward and commonly adopted strategy in daily operation is a peak/off-peak-based schedule. However, such a strategyExpand
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Models of bus boarding and alighting dynamics
Understanding the dynamics of boarding/alighting activities and its impact on bus dwell times is crucial to improving bus service levels. However, research is limited as conventional data collectionExpand
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Use of Public Transport Smart Card Fare Payment Data for Travel Behaviour Analysis in Singapore
Electronic payment systems for public transport, introduced in many cities all over the world during the last decade, are able to capture system transactions and provide comprehensive data records onExpand
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Synthetic Population Generation by Combining a Hierarchical, Simulation-Based Approach with Reweighting by Generalized Raking
A recent approach for generating populations of synthetic individuals through simulation is extended to produce households of grouped individuals. The contingency tables of the generated populationsExpand
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Visualizing Waypoints‐Constrained Origin‐Destination Patterns for Massive Transportation Data
We propose waypoints‐constrained OD visual analytics, a new approach for exploring path‐related OD patterns in an urban transportation network. Expand
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Route, mode and departure time choice behaviour in the presence of mobility pricing
This paper summarises the results of an extensive stated preference (SP) survey, conducted in Switzerland in order to obtain detailed information for the evaluation of mobility pricing schemes. FourExpand
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