Alexander Entzian

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This work presents a sophisticated information system, the Integrated Analysis Platform (IAP), an approach supporting large-scale image analysis for different species and imaging systems. In its current form, IAP supports the investigation of Maize, Barley and Arabidopsis plants based on images obtained in different spectra. Several components of the IAP(More)
Nitrogen is one of the most prominent hetero atoms found in heterocycles. The corresponding electron lone pairs of these nitrogen atoms are mainly responsible for properties like the basicity and the pkb-values of the investigated heterocycle. Nevertheless, the overall electronic state of a molecule is also directly related to observable physico-chemical(More)
Hochdurchsatzphänotypisierung isteinewichtigeGrundlagefür diebio-logische Forschunginsbesondere im Bereichder Agrarforschung.Zur Bewältigung derd abei entstehenden großen Datenmengenw urde dieI ntegrierteA nalyse Platt-form " IAP " e ntwickelt. Mitd iesemI nformationssystem sind Bioinformatiker und Biologen in derL age, effizientE xperimente auszuwerten, zu(More)
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