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Vietnam is one of the countries in the world most affected by soil-transmitted helminthiases. Large areas of the country, such as the Northern Uplands and the North and Central Coast, are reported as having infection rates of 75-85% for Ascaris lumbricoides, 38-40% for Trichuris trichiura and 27-28% for hookworm infections. Periodical deworming of(More)
School-based deworming programs are one of the most cost-effective public health strategies to reach children with anthelminthics and health education. However, despite their low cost and high health impact, they are not implemented on a large scale. The present survey investigated a school-based deworming program in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam, to assess(More)
The use of psychodrugs in patients admitted to an SPDC over a period of thirty days is considered. During this period two questionnaires were administered, addressed respectively to the nursing staff and their patients. The purpose of the questionnaires was to investigate experience relative to the psychodrug on the part of the patient and the nurse who(More)
In 2004-2005, the school deworming program in Vietnam targeted 2,400,000 school-children in 25 provinces. A questionnaire survey of a random sample of schools throughout the country was organized to validate the teacher feedback, assess the real coverage of the program and estimate the occurrence of side-effects. A total of 91 schools in four different(More)
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