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This study provides comparative analysis of application of artificial neural networks and method of projection to latent structures (partial least squares) for simultaneous determination of types and concentrations of dissolved inorganic salts in multicomponent water solutions by Raman spectra. It is shown that the method of projection to latent structures(More)
The structure of aqueous alcohol solutions at the molecular level for many decades has remained an intriguing topic in numerous theoretical and practical investigations. The aberrant thermodynamic properties of water-alcohol mixtures are believed to be caused by the differences in energy of hydrogen bonding between water-water, alcohol-alcohol, and(More)
Elaboration of methods of monitoring of biochemical reactions with DNA strands is necessary to solve one of the main problems in creation of biocomputers—improvement of fidelity of molecular DNA computations. In this paper, the results of solution of inverse two-parameter problems of laser Raman spectroscopy on determination of the types and concentration(More)
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