Alexander Efimov

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Osteomyelitis is a bacterial disease that can become chronic, and treatment often includes a surgical operation to remove infected bone. The aim of this study was to develop and investigate in vitro bone filling composite materials that release ciprofloxacin to kill any remaining bacteria and contain bioceramic to help the bone to heal. Three composites of(More)
The objective in this study was to develop an osteoconductive, biodegradable and rifampicin releasing bone filling composite material for the treatment of osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection of bone that is very difficult and expensive to treat. The composite material will be used together with a ciprofloxacin releasing composite, because of the rapid(More)
Two methods for dissociation of diatomic molecules based on nonperiodic excitation generated by feedback control mechanism are described and analyzed both analytically and by computer simulation. The first method of control design uses non-linear resonance curve of the system to fulfill the resonance conditions at any time of excitation. The second method(More)
New method for dissociation of diatomic molecule based on nonperiodic exci-tation generated by energy-feedback control mechanism is proposed. The energy-feedback control uses frequency-energy (FE) relation of the natural oscillations to fulfill the resonance conditions at any time of excitation. Efficiency of the proposed method is demonstrated by the(More)
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