Alexander E. Mironov

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This article discusses the peculiarities of self-organization behavior and formation of dissipative structures during friction of antifriction alloys for slide bearings against a steel counterbody. It shows that during self-organization, the moment of friction in a tribosystem may be decreasing with the load growth and in the bifurcations of the coefficient(More)
We report the selective population of Rb or Cs np ^{2}P_{3/2} (n=5, 6; F=4, 5) hyperfine states by the photodissociation of a transient, alkali-rare gas diatomic molecule. Circularly polarized (σ^{-}), amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) on the D_{2} line of Rb or Cs (780.0 and 852.1 nm, respectively) is generated when Rb-Xe or Cs-Xe ground state collision(More)
Application of the phenomenon of self-organization for the development of wear resistant materials has been reviewed. For this purpose the term of self-organization and dissipative structures as applied to tribology have been discussed. The applications of this phenomenon have been shown in order to develop new wear resistant-and antifriction materials.(More)
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