Alexander E Gimson

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Liver involvement in systemic amyloidosis is frequent but is rarely of clinical importance. Five patients with severe cholestatic jaundice are described and an additional 20 from published reports are reviewed. The most frequent presenting symptoms were lethargy and abdominal pain, which were present for a median of 11 months before the onset of jaundice.(More)
Injection sclerotherapy of bleeding oesophageal varices is undoubtedly beneficial but it is associated with a substantial complication rate, and variceal rebleeding is common during the treatment period before variceal obliteration is achieved. We aimed to find out whether endoscopic variceal banding ligation is safer and more effective. The two methods(More)
The prevalence of serum markers of primary delta infection was determined in 532 patients with acute benign hepatitis B seen in Italy, and in 111 patients with fulminant hepatitis B seen in Italy, France and England. Patients with fulminant hepatitis had significantly higher prevalence of delta markers (43/111, 39%) than did those with benign hepatitis(More)
Adverse effects associated with hypotension and the appearance of platelet aggregates in the circulation complicate charcoal haemoperfusion of patients with fulminant hepatic failure. In an attempt to avoid these difficulties the platelet protective effect of prostacyclin (PGI2) given intravenously before and continuously during haemoperfusion was evaluated(More)
OBJECTIVES Outcomes of liver transplantations from donation after circulatory death (DCD) donors may be inferior to those achieved with donation after brain death (DBD) donors. The impact of using DCD donors is likely to depend on specific national practices. We compared risk-adjusted graft loss and recipient mortality after transplantation of DCD and DBD(More)
BACKGROUND The value of an endoprosthesis for long-term management of bileduct stones has not been formally established. The main theoretical advantage of endoprosthesis insertion (BE) over conventional endoscopic duct clearance (DC) is the prevention of stone impaction, with obstruction and consequent cholangitis or pancreatitis. In a randomised study we(More)
Charcoal haemoperfusion with a prostacyclin infusion for platelet protection was carried out daily in the treatment of 76 patients with fulminant hepatic failure. in the 31 patients who had been referred early and in whom the serial haemoperfusion was started while signs of grade III encephalopathy were still evident remarkable survival rates were(More)