Alexander E.E. Mertens

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Cell polarization is required for virtually all functions of T cells, including transendothelial migration in response to chemokines. However, the molecular pathways that establish T cell polarity are poorly understood. We show that the activation of the partitioning defective (Par) polarity complex is a key event during Rap1- and chemokine-induced T cell(More)
The GTPases Rac and Cdc42 play a pivotal role in the establishment of cell polarity by stimulating biogenesis of tight junctions (TJs). In this study, we show that the Rac-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor Tiam1 (T-lymphoma invasion and metastasis) controls the cell polarity of epidermal keratinocytes. Similar to wild-type (WT) keratinocytes,(More)
BACKGROUND The establishment and maintenance of cell polarity is crucial for many biological functions and is regulated by conserved protein complexes. The Par polarity complex consisting of Par3, Par6, and PKCzeta, in conjunction with Tiam1-mediated Rac signaling, controls apical-basal cell polarity in contacting epithelial cells. Here we tested the(More)
BACKGROUND AKI significantly worsens prognosis of hospitalized patients. This is particularly the case in patients with sepsis. The risk for aquiring sepsis is significantly increased in malignant diseases. Aim of the present retrospective study was to analyze outcomes of tumor patients with sepsis and AKI. METHODS One-thousand and seventeen patients,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to determine whether tracheal aspirate cultures correlate with protected specimen brush (PSB) cultures in the diagnosis of probable ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). DESIGN Retrospective evaluation of 52 episodes of clinical pneumonia in 38 patients who underwent bronchoscopy and PSB as well as tracheal(More)
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