Alexander Dokukin

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Yu. I. Zhuravlev proved the existence of a correct algorithm for a regular recognition problem, which is a polynomial on the family of estimate-calculating algorithms (ECAs). At a certain stage, the search for a correct polynomial can be reduced to the search for optimal terms (i.e., ECAs possessing the best properties) in this family. An optimal approach(More)
A system for computer-assisted design of inorganic compounds, with an integrated complex of databases for the properties of inorganic substances and materials, a subsystem for the analysis of data, based on computer training, a knowledge base, a predictions base, and a managing subsystem, has been developed. The methodology of integration of software(More)
Methods for the analysis of medical data and the results of their application to the treatment of a number of socially important diseases in important medical areas (cardiology, neurology, surgery, and oncology) are considered. The precedent approach is investigated. Practical methods of discrete analysis of training data, logical and statistical methods(More)
The possibility of searching for classification regularities in large arrays of chemical information with the use precedent-based recognition methods is discussed. The results of application of these regularities to the computer-assisted design of inorganic compounds promising for the search for new materials for electronics are presented.
The paper is devoted to the description of hybrid pattern recognition method developed by research groups from Russia, Armenia and Spain. The method is based upon logical correction over the set of conventional neural networks. Output matrices of neural networks are processed according to the potentiality principle which allows increasing of recognition(More)
A problem of choosing an appropriate set of parameters for estimates calculating algorithms height optimization is considered. The task arises for example in AVO-polynomial recognition method that depends on height optimization of individual ECA items. Initially some subset of general ECA family was used for such an optimization according to the simplicity(More)
Special regimes and special control techniques are proposed and investigated for controlled pump-and-fan drives with DC brushless synchronous motor. Specific is zero EMF of an exciter with zero speed. Investigation confirms suitability of proposed regimes and control. Results are implemented in two turbo-compressor drives, 6.3 MW, 3000 rpm each.