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Density functional (DF) based numerical approaches for computing orbital and atomic reactivity indices were employed in the study of selectivity descriptors for the 1,4 Michael addition reaction. To this aim, atomic and orbital Fukui indices and atomic softnesses for 2-arylmethylene-1,4-butanolides and N,N-disubstituted phenylacetamides were computed.(More)
About EHR IMAPCT The EHR IMPACT study was commissioned by DG INFSO and Media, unit ICT for Health, and will result in ten independent evaluations of good practice cases of interoperable electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing systems in Europe and beyond. The goal of the study is to support ongoing initiatives and implementation work by the European(More)
Financial sustainability is not a driving force of HealthGrids today, as a previous desk research survey of 22 international HealthGrid projects has showed. The majority of applications are project based, which puts a time limit of funding, but also of goals and objectives. Given this situation, we analysed two initiatives, WISDOM and MammoGrid from an(More)
The HealthGrid White Paper was published at the third annual conference in Oxford in 2005. Starting from the conclusions of the White Paper, the EU funded SHARE project ( has aimed at identifying the most important steps and significant milestones towards wide deployment and adoption of healthgrids in Europe. The project has defined(More)
While differences in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in European general practices are decreasing more and more, actual use rates - in particular, for more advanced applications - are about as different as the languages spoken by GPs throughout the European Union. This is one finding of a representative survey among GPs in(More)
Various chiral N-palmitoyl amino acid surfactants (AAS) derived from methionine, proline, leucine, threonine, phenylalanine and phenylglycine were prepared and converted to their sodium salt. The properties of the aggregates formed in aqueous solution were studied for both the optically-active compounds and their racemic mixture. Characterization was made(More)
The Emergency Care Summary (ECS) in Scotland provides essential clinical and demographic information about patients needing unscheduled or emergency care. Information about patients' medications, adverse drug reactions and allergies is transferred twice every day from GP systems to the ECS. Access is then available to authorised health-care professionals at(More)
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