Alexander Dementjev

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This paper presents a new method of virtual measurement of process parameters in the dead-time systems using the virtual adaptive sensor. The method's goal is elimination of the technology-related signal dead-time in automation systems for optimal process control. The additional goal is to make the real-time control possible also in complex processes with(More)
Virtual sensors (VS) allow measurement of process parameters where direct measurement is too expensive or even not possible. For the virtual sensors which build their internal process model after the data-driven method, e.g. by use of an artificial neural network (ANN), there is a problem of the evaluation of the prediction performance. The up to date(More)
Model identification and controller design for processes with long dead times requires the availability of tools which support static, dynamic and time series analysis as well as data preparation methods (e.g. dead time correction, filtering algorithms, etc.). ADM, a tool for process identification yields this functionality introducing a new philosophy of(More)
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