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We consider the optimal control of systems with deterministic dynamics, continuous, possibly large-scale state spaces, and continuous, low-dimensional action spaces. We describe an online planning algorithm called SOOP, which like other algorithms in its class has no direct dependence on the state space structure. Unlike previous algorithms, SOOP explores(More)
General Medical Practice (GMP) information systems within the UK are becoming more sophisticated and more complex and are widely available from numerous suppliers. Although such systems are viewed as being important, they are problematic in terms of interpreting and assessing their usefulness, and their impact upon work and the organisation (G. Walsham,(More)
Lists of patients receiving repeat prescriptions for epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid disease and asthma were compared with chronic disease registers stored on seven practice computers. Diabetes was the most accurately recorded disease: the names of 72% of patients receiving medication for this condition appeared on the relevant disease registers. Agreement(More)
Several systems or networks display self-organizing behavior that is characterized by a state with the maximum production of entropy. Such systems are complex in that they are open, i.e. they are not thermally isolated and therefore, the system has access to a continuous supply of energy, and dissipative, i.e. they output energy to external energy(More)
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