Alexander D. Stewart

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This paper describes the implementation and testing of Alice, the California Institute of Technology's entry in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. Alice utilizes a highly networked control system architecture to provide high performance, autonomous driving in unknown environments. Innovations include a vehicle architecture designed for efficient testing in(More)
— This paper is about pose estimation using monoc-ular cameras with a 3D laser pointcloud as a workspace prior. We have in mind autonomous transport systems in which low cost vehicles equipped with monocular cameras are furnished with preprocessed 3D lidar workspaces surveys. Our inherently cross-modal approach offers robustness to changes in scene lighting(More)
— In this paper we propose the use of an illumination invariant transform to improve many aspects of visual locali-sation, mapping and scene classification for autonomous road vehicles. The illumination invariant colour space stems from modelling the spectral properties of the camera and scene illumination in conjunction, and requires only a single(More)
— This paper is about extending the reach and endurance of outdoor localisation using stereo vision. At the heart of the localisation is the fundamental task of discovering feature correspondences between recorded and live images. One aspect of this problem involves deciding where to look for correspondences in an image and the second is deciding what to(More)
— Robust and reliable visual localisation at any time of day is an essential component towards low-cost autonomy for road vehicles. We present a method to perform online 6-DoF visual localisation across a wide range of outdoor illumination conditions throughout the day and night using a 3D scene prior collected by a survey vehicle. We propose the use of a(More)
Hosts are likely to respond to parasitic infections by a combination of resistance (expulsion of pathogens) and tolerance (active mitigation of pathology). Of these strategies, the basis of tolerance in animal hosts is relatively poorly understood, with especially little known about how tolerance is manifested in natural populations. We monitored a natural(More)
Fishes show seasonal patterns of immunity, but such phenomena are imperfectly understood in vertebrates generally, even in humans and mice. As these seasonal patterns may link to infectious disease risk and individual condition, the nature of their control has real practical implications. Here we characterize seasonal dynamics in the expression of conserved(More)
— This paper is concerned with large-scale locali-sation at city scales with monocular cameras. Our primary motivation lies with the development of autonomous road vehicles — an application domain in which low-cost sensing is particularly important. Here we present a method for localising against a textured 3-dimensional prior mesh using a monocular camera.(More)
(2002). Mental health promotion among newcomer female youth: Post-migration experiences and self-esteem / Promotion de la santé mentale des jeunes immigrantes: Expériences et estime de soi post-migratoires. Ottawa: Status of Women Canada (English and French versions).based cognitive therapy for depression: A new approach to the prevention of depressive(More)