Alexander D. Gilbert

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Wound healing in the adult is commonly compromised by excessive scar formation. In contrast, fetal wound healing is a regenerative process characterised by the conspicuous absence of scarring. Available evidence suggests that phenotypic differences between fetal and adult fibroblasts are important determinants of these distinct modes of tissue repair. In(More)
AIM To quantify vascularity in periradicular granulomas using different endothelial markers, and assess its value as an index of angiogenesis by comparing granulomas with healthy periodontal ligament (PDL). To use oral tumours, compared with adjacent normal mucosa, as positive controls. METHODOLOGY Paraffin-embedded sections were stained with antibodies(More)
Periodontal bone loss was induced in mice of different genotypes by oral inoculation with Actinomyces viscosus. Relatively high bone loss occurred in the mutant X-linked immune deficiency, implicating the humoral immune system. Maximum bone loss was always associated with inoculations of 1.6 x 10(7) colony forming units (c.f.u.), while inoculations of 1.6 x(More)
Constructing active sets is a key part of the Multivariate Decomposition Method. An algorithm for constructing optimal or quasi-optimal active sets is proposed in the paper. By numerical experiments, it is shown that the new method can provide sets that are significantly smaller than the sets constructed by the already existing method. The experiments also(More)
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