Alexander C. Woods

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BACKGROUND It has been postulated that the regulation of integrin vesicular traffic facilitates cell migration by internalizing integrins at the rear of the cell and transporting them forward within vesicles for exocytosis at the leading edge to form new contacts with the extracellular matrix. The rab family of GTPases control key targeting events in the(More)
Measurement and analysis of titanium monoxide spectra in laser-induced plasma " , Normal and diseased personal eye modeling using age-appropriate lens parameters " " Investigation of atypical molten pool dynamics in tungsten carbide-cobalt during laser deposition using in-situ thermal imaging " , Appl. Crystallization studies on rare-earth co-doped(More)
Chromatin is thought to act as a barrier for binding of cis-regulatory transcription factors (TFs) to their sites on DNA and recruitment of the transcriptional machinery. Here we have analyzed changes in nucleosome occupancy at the enhancers as well as at the promoters of three pro-inflammatory genes when they are induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharides(More)
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