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In thin sections through microspikes extending from the surface of isolated cells, a core has been seen which may contain microtubular elements. The differences between these and microtubules seen elsewhere in the cytoplasm are attributed to their rapid growth and exposed location which make them especially vulnerable to injury by preparative treatment. In(More)
Laying hens often experience unbalanced calcium utilization which can cause deficiencies in bone and egg mineralization. Because melatonin has been shown to affect bone mineralization in other animals, we examined whether treating hens with melatonin would affect eggshell thickness and improve skeletal performance, thereby reducing skeletal and egg shell(More)
Studies were made with time-lapse motion pictures of the reactions of cells in culture to changes in their environment. The concentrations of H(+), HCO(3) (-)and CO(2) in the medium were altered in such a way that each, in turn, could be maintained constant while the others were varied. Observations were made on the shape of the cells, their activity, and(More)