Alexander C. Newton

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BACKGROUND A growing number of kinases are now known to be controlled by two phosphorylation switches, one on a loop near the entrance to the active site and a second on the carboxyl terminus. For the protein kinase C (PKC) family of enzymes, phosphorylation at the activation loop is mediated by another kinase but the mechanism for carboxy-terminal(More)
elacytarabine CIV in the dose range 875--2000mg/m per day may allow more flexible administration and dosing than for ara-C. AUC values for both substances and the increased initial half-life of ara-C after elacytarabine administration (2.0 h versus 0.1 --0.2 h), indicate that treatment with elacytarabine provides plasma levels of both elacytarabine and(More)
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