Alexander C. Maclennan

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BACKGROUND Thyroid imaging is helpful in confirming the diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism and in establishing the aetiology. Although isotope scanning is the standard method of imaging, ultrasound assessment may be complementary. AIM To determine the strengths and weaknesses of thyroid ultrasound and isotope scanning in neonates with thyroid(More)
The principal role of computed tomography (CT) scanning in rhinosinusitis is as a planning investigation for patients requiring functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). The pre-operative scan is used to highlight any potential surgical hazards, and to delineate the extent of disease reducing unnecessary intervention in disease-free areas. It is(More)
reported cytologically as non-neoplastic the cyto-logical specimens were reviewed. In one case from the first year of the study a retrospective cytological diagnosis of papillary carcinoma was made, but in all other cases there were no cytological features suggesting neoplasia, although in two cases the specimens would now be classed as unsatisfactory.(More)
The radiation dose to the lens was measured by thermoluminescent dosimetry on 194 patients undergoing routine head and neck computed tomography scanning in a neuroradiology department. The results are lower than previously reported: brain scans, mean value 5.1 mGy; orbital scans, mean value 18.5 mGy; and direct coronal pituitary scans, mean value 1.9 mGy.(More)