Alexander Butsch

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In order to establish alternatives to the frequently used uterotropic assay with mice, defined estrogen-sensitive cell lines (MCF-7 cells and LeC-9 cells) were used to determine the estrogenic activities of purified compounds of vegetable origin (myco- and phytoestrogens) and zearalenone-contaminated forage cereals (wheat, barley and oats). In MCF-7 cells,(More)
A novel kind of nanostructured optical fiber, displaying an extremely high and optically broadband optomechanical nonlinearity, is presented. It comprises two closely spaced ultrathin glass membranes (webs) suspended in air and attached to the inner walls of a glass fiber capillary. Light guided in this dual-web structure can exert attractive or repulsive(More)
It is shown that optomechanical forces can cause nonlinear self-channeling of light in a planar dual-slab waveguide. A system of two parallel silica nanowebs, spaced ~100 nm and supported inside a fiber capillary, is studied theoretically and an iterative scheme developed to analyze its nonlinear optomechanical properties. Steady-state field distributions(More)
We will present our recent progress in nonlinear optomechanics in a platform of microstructured optical fibers. By tightly confining transverse mechanical motion and guided laser light simultaneously in a micron-sized glass fiber core, we have successfully demonstrated novel types of nonlinear optomechanical effects at modest optical powers, thanks to the(More)
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