Alexander Bulatov

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Sharpness of vision depends on the resolution of details conveyed by individual neurons in the visual pathway. In the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), the neurons have receptive fields with center-surround organization, and spatial resolution may be measured as the inverse of center size. We studied dynamics of receptive field center size of single(More)
A flow potentiometric method for determination of caffeine in saliva is suggested. This task is important for non-invasive assessment of drug metabolizing system activity in hepatocytes. In the current study, stepwise injection analysis (SWIA) was successfully combined with single-drop liquid microextraction (SDLME) and solvent exchange procedure. The(More)
The anatomical prerequisites, grounds and methods of anterior osteoplastic spondylosyndesis after traumas of the cervical part of the spinal column are described. Layer transplants from the manubrium sterni on the feeding pedicle--the breast portion of the muscle were used. The evolution of blood supplied transplants in 20 patients (out of 25 patients(More)
The known methods of operative treatment of femur by means of intraosseous osteosynthesis, based on jamming of intraosseous structure in the bone, don't ensure sufficient level of the osteosynthesis stability that results in the secondary displacements. According to the method, proposed by the authors, a rod is introduced through the intercondylar fossa of(More)
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