Alexander Brenning

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PURPOSE This study was undertaken to characterize the influence of contrast, luminance, and spatial frequency of a pattern stimulus on the pupil reaction of healthy subjects. First measurements with this technique in patients with glaucoma were compared with those in a control group. METHOD Grating patterns were presented using a Maxwellian-view system to(More)
In recent years, social media emerged as a potential resource to improve the management of crisis situations such as disasters triggered by natural hazards. Although there is a growing research body concerned with the analysis of the usage of social media during disasters, most previous work has concentrated on using social media as a standalone information(More)
Clinical data from paired organs present a dependence structure that has to be considered when making statistical inference or evaluating classification rules with resampling-based techniques (bootstrap, cross-validation). We introduce a paired cross-validation approach for the estimation of misclassification error rates in the classification of data from(More)
The present work deals with two challenging problems of applied geostatistics: (i) Station-arity assumptions often do not hold under real-world conditions. (ii) Geostatistical methods have to be linked with spatial databases in order to be applicable in non-stationary situations. Solutions for both problems are proposed and implemented. (i) A central(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this analysis was to evaluate the diagnostic usefulness of frequency doubling technology (FDT) perimetry and short-wavelength perimetry (SWAP). Moreover, to study a combination of both methods using the machine-learning technique double-bagging, which was recently established in glaucoma research. METHODS Forty-three patients with(More)
Thermal remote sensing of soil moisture in vineyards is a challenge. The grass-covered soil, in addition to a standing grape canopy, create complex patterns of heating and cooling and increase the surface temperature variability between vine rows. In this study, we evaluate the strength of relationships between soil moisture, mechanical resistance and(More)
Precision Agriculture applies state-of-the-art GPS technology in connection with site-specific, sensor-based crop management. It can also be described as a data-driven approach to agriculture, which is strongly connected with a number of data mining problems. One of those is also an inherently important task in agriculture: yield prediction. Given a yield(More)