Alexander Brem

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In recent years, Prediction Markets gained growing interest as a forecasting tool among researchers as well as practitioners, which resulted in an increasing number of publications. In order to track the latest development of research, comprising the extent and focus of research, this article provides a comprehensive review and classification of the(More)
Recent market studies reveal that augmented reality (AR) devices, such as smart glasses, will substantially influence the media landscape. Yet, little is known about the intended adoption of smart glasses, particularly: Who are the early adopters of such wearables? We contribute to the growing body of research that investigates the role of personality in(More)
Technology adoption is crucial for an organisation to remain competitive in the marketplace. Traditionally, two technologies – operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) – have operated independently from one another; however, technological advancements that businesses are experiencing have increased the overlap and convergence of these two(More)