Alexander Bolotov

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We describe an approach for developing knowledge-based medical decision support systems based on the new technology of case-based reasoning. This work is based on the results of the Inreca European project and preliminary results from the Inreca + project which mainly deals with medical applications. One goal was to start from case-based reasoning(More)
In this paper we extend our clausal resolution method for linear time temporal logics to a branching-time framework. Thus, we propose an e cient deductive method useful in a variety of applications requiring an expressive branching-time temporal logic in AI. The branching-time temporal logic considered is Computation Tree Logic (CTL), often regarded as the(More)
We expand the applicability of the clausal resolution technique to the branching-time temporal logic ECTL+. ECTL+ is strictly more expressive than the basic computation tree logic CTL and its extension, ECTL, as it allows Boolean combinations of fairness and single temporal operators. We show how any ECTL+ formula can be translated to a normal form the(More)
We present a natural deduction calculus for the propositional linear-time temporal logic and prove its correctness. The system extends the natural deduction construction of the classical propositional logic. This will open the prospect to apply our technique as an automatic reasoning tool in a deliberative decision making framework across various AI(More)
In this paper we propose algorithms to implement a branching time temporal resolution theorem prover. The branching time temporal logic considered is Computation Tree Logic (CTL), often regarded as the simplest useful logic of this class. Unlike the majority of the research into temporal logic, we adopt a resolution-based approach. The method applies step(More)