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BACKGROUND Polycythemia vera is a chronic clonal disorder associated with excessive proliferation of erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes, as well as an accompanying splenomegaly. Ocular manifestations of polycythemia vera include occipital cortex transient ischemic attacks, transient monocular blindness, vaso-occlusive disease, and retinal(More)
Spirometry flow-volume loop measurement is the screening test of choice to rule out obstructive lung diseases. Flow oscillations occasionally seen on flow volume loops, referred to as a "saw-tooth" sign, are thought to be due to an upper airway obstructive processes associated with upper airway collapsibility. Widely described in obstructive sleep apnea(More)
The progenitor zones of the embryonic mouse ventral telencephalon give rise to GABAergic and cholinergic neurons. We have shown previously that two LIM-homeodomain (LIM-HD) transcription factors, Lhx6 and Lhx8, that are downstream of Nkx2.1, are critical for the development of telencephalic GABAergic and cholinergic neurons. Here we investigate the role of(More)
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-infected B cell lymphomas are resistant to apoptosis during cancer development and treatment with therapies. The molecular controls that determine why EBV infection causes apoptosis resistance need further definition. EBV-positive and EBV-negative BJA-B B cell lymphoma cell lines were used to compare the expression of selected(More)
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