Alexander Bienemann

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Apart from completeness usability, performance and maintainability are the key quality aspects for Web information systems. Considering usability as key implies taking usage processes into account right from the beginning of systems development. Context-awareness appears as a promising idea for increasing usability of Web Information Systems. In the present(More)
Starting from a general framework for web-based e-learning systems that is based on an abstraction layer model, this paper presents a conceptual modelling approach, which captures the modelling of learners, the modelling of courses, the personalisation of courses, and the management of data in e-learning systems. Courses are modelled by outline graphs,(More)
Current e-learning systems do not offer content customized for sophisticated learner characteristics. Different learner types are supported only by means of varying presentation styles. Methods for specifying learner-centered learning process are missing. For providing the right learning content in a proper context, in the right dosis and in the right(More)