Alexander Bekiarski

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The analog neural networks have some very useful advantages in comparison with digital neural network , but recent implementation of discrete elements gives not the possibility for realizing completely these advantages. The reason of this is the great variations of discrete semiconductors characteristics. The VLSI implementation of neural network algorithm(More)
E-learning is becoming more and more a strategic choice of modern educational systems in the world. Consequently the requirements of the platforms used are eminent. One of the requirements on which our work has focused is how to make the job of a tutor, automatic and intelligent. Given that the role of a Tutor is reflected essentially by the appropriate(More)
Moving objects detection and tracking in infrared images is an important goal in most of the practical applications of the thermo vision systems. For these thermo vision applications here is proposed to apply a cost function associated with the minimization of a global criterion for simultaneous estimation of the optical flow and detection of the moving(More)
All papers of the present volume were peer reviewed by two independent reviewers. Acceptance was granted when both reviewers' recommendations were positive. Preface During the past years huge investigation work was performed in the area of the intelligent image processing, mainly adapted to image basic parameters and contents. It actuality grew up together(More)
Mobile robots are navigated with a set of sensors including the visual sensors (for example PTZ or stereo cameras). The 2D or 3D images from these video sensors contain considerable information of the stationary and moving objects in the observation area of the robot. Therefore, many studies have been done to use this information for the purpose of control(More)
Audition and vision are the most important human perception systems working together, when a person walks and decides to make the next step toward a speaking person. The same is important also for the moving robots, when they hear and see a speaking person. Both, audio and video information, perceived from the robot, are different, use different processing(More)
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