Alexander Bau

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We adapt the TreeRePair tree compression algorithm and use it as an intermediate step in proving termination of term rewriting systems. We introduce a cost function that approximates the size of constraint systems that specify compatibility of matrix interpretations. We show how to integrate the compression algorithm with the Dependency Pairs(More)
The CO4 language is a Haskell-like language for specifying constraint systems over structured finite domains. A CO4 constraint system is solved by an automatic transformation into a satisfiability problem in propositional logic that is handed to an external SAT solver. We investigate the problem of predicting the size of formulas produced by the CO4(More)
Fairness for Infinite-State Systems 11 Byron Cook, Heidy Khlaaf and Nir Piterman Reducing Deadlock and Livelock Freedom to Termination 16 Byron Cook, Stephen Magill, Matthew Parkinson and Thomas Stroeder Another Proof for the Recursive Path Ordering 21 Nachum Dershowitz Non-termination using Regular Languages 26 Joerg Endrullis and Hans Zantema A Solution(More)
We discuss design choices for SAT-encoding constraints for termination orders based on semantic labelling and unlabelling, linear interpretations, recursive path orders with argument filters, within the dependency pairs framework. We specify constraints in a high-level Haskell-like language, and translate to SAT fully automatically by the CO4 compiler. That(More)
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