Alexander Babkin

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Now LTE is considered to be a prominent radio access standard to meet the needs of the society. LTE networks throughput optimization is one of the main problems under consideration. Two LTE network computer models are worked up to estimate downlink achievable throughput: for macro and femto LTE networks. Considering macro networks four frequency deployment(More)
Expression of genes encoding the individual subunits of ionotropic GABAA receptor was assessed after acute and chronic intoxication of rats with ethanol. The chronic 1-month-long exposure to ethanol signifi cantly decreased (by 38%) expression of Gabrb1 gene in the hippocampus. Acute exposure to ethanol elevated expression of genes Gabrb1 (by 1.7 times),(More)
In this paper the strategy and ways of F0 contour generation in TTS system for Russian language are described. The system is developed in Lomonosov Moscow State University and based on two methods: concatenation of allophones' waveforms and prosodic rules to control pitch, duration and intensity. These rules form a part of speech control module which(More)
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