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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Causes of Civilian Victimization in War
Despite normative and legal injunctions against targeting civilians in war, as well as doubts regarding the effectiveness of such strategies, belligerents have frequently turned their guns onExpand
Forced to Be Free?: Why Foreign-Imposed Regime Change Rarely Leads to Democratization
Is military intervention effective in spreading democracy? Existing studies disagree. Optimists point to successful cases, such as the transformation of West Germany and Japan into consolidatedExpand
The Illusion of Democratic Credibility
Abstract Do democracies make more effective coercive threats? An influential literature in international relations argues that democratic institutions allow leaders to credibly signal their resolveExpand
Targeting Civilians in War
Draining the Sea by Filling the Graves: Investigating the Effectiveness of Indiscriminate Violence as a Counterinsurgency Strategy
It is commonly believed in the literature on insurgency and counterinsurgency that to be effective in undermining civilian support for guerrillas, violence against noncombatants must be selective orExpand
The Problem with Negotiated Settlements to Ethnic Civil Wars
A burgeoning literature has emerged on the utility of negotiated settlements as a method of terminating civil wars. 1 Negotiated settlements comprise less than one quarter of all civil war endings,...
More Borders, Less Conflict? Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Civil Wars
The conventional wisdom among scholars and policymakers opposes solving ethnic conflicts by drawing new borders and creating new states. This view, however, is flawed because the process of fightingExpand
How Smart and Tough are Democracies Reassessing Theories of Democratic Victory in War
Proponents of the selection effects argument claim that because democratic leaders run a higher risk of losing office than autocratic leaders if they fail to win wars, they are more careful thanExpand
Another Skirmish in the Battle over Democracies and War
we argued that democra-cies are particularly likely to win their wars. Democratic political institutions provideincentives for elected leaders to launch only short, winnable, low-cost wars, soExpand
Forced to Be Free ?
gime change by democratic states an effective means of spreading democracy? The answer to this question is of great importance to U.S. foreign policy and the foreign policies of other democraciesExpand